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my buddy’s first blog entry ๐Ÿ˜€

Kiran Karamat

today i have been too tired after visiting the office of higher education commission. and meanwhile i was on my way back, my friend Hira called me , angrily yelling her lungs out at me since she was done with her own office work and wanted to come to me so that the two of us could carry on some work of our own. i told her to wait for me while i was on my way back.
guess what
when i came back, her highness had not even reached yet! why waste your precious energy yelling then darling ๐Ÿ˜›
she came all tired after 20 minutes and said she stayed at her own campus since she found some student to give her company and plus she didnt want my roommateโ€™s company ๐Ÿ˜› (the actual reason)
finally i asked her to keep her lazy bum off my quilt and getโ€ฆ

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“Will You share Your Demons with Me?”

Its not long before I part
its not long before the sand of time ticks away
its not long now

as I walk alongside
what if there arrives a moment
We reach a bump on the path
You need not my hand to straighten Yourself i know
But hey, can i just stumble with You ?

And What if there comes an hour
Your demons appear,
unmasked and ugly
and you can hide them no longer

You need not my being in fighting them i reckon
but hey, as they surface
and as sanity leaves You
as the last rays of light are nestled by darkness
instead of turning your face away, affronted

Will You share Your Demons with me?

Those who saw Your Angels
may appraise them
or they may say nothing at all
but I hear echoing blames all around
as soon as they find your demons, hastening away

I, although, walking alongside
have only one thing to ask You
Will You share Your demons with me?

for all the remanents
which I will let tag along
Befriending them will be among
the treasured recollections
and i wont like to leave the memory behind

Will You let me love them
Will You share them with me
Will You share Your Demons with Me?

9th August 2014. (C)

3:57 AM

The Broken Dream

I dose off every night to dream of you
Few carefree moments
nothing from the reality to bother me
just to sit with u and smile
to hear you talking and to look at ur bright eyes
just so oblivious so regardless
of whosoever surrounds us
the crowd the people the buzz, all that rush
just to see u sitting next to me
feeling that happiness surrounding me, embracing me
engulfing me and making me feel so much at peace
and then,
Then I wake up..!


Your echoing, tingling laughter
That chirpy note in your voice
That glint in your eyes
All these, the flashes of all these
I have so dearly locked up
and buried
in the haven of my heart
They will dwell quietly
peacefully in that dearest territory
I have them all.
I will keep them all.

My Favourite Mistake

I forgot
All along the way
You were always The Moon
And I always have been The Sea
We were never meant to be
No matter how strong the spell you cast around
And no matter how it pulled me
We were distant
I was The Sea
Silent and Calm
And yet not so calm
I forgot
You were The Moon
We were never meant to be together
It was always like this..!

(18th May, 2014)
Nosheen (C)

Finally I’m here

Wow. After months and months of delay and procrastinating and being a lazy head, I am finally here.

I feel so blank and dumb. And lazy.

I don’t know what I would be sharing here. Yes, my random thoughts, reflections I have from my day to day experiences of life. Bitter, Better and again Bitter. and So on.

Shifting from the traditional old ‘diary writing’ to this “web Home”. Oh I’m so not tech savvy. This comfortably adds to another Dumbo point ๐Ÿ˜€

The name describes me perfectly.

I scribble whatever my mind forces me to pour out.

The name says it all

Crazy Scribbler