An Open letter to Chief Justice of Pakistan

An Open letter for Chief Justice of Pakistan

Respected sir,
you saw VC of LCWU being unfairly appointed and ordered her dismissal. She isnt anyone i favor in any political way but being an old alumni of LCWU and still being enrolled here currently in PhD, I happen to have few comments which I’d put here which I presume I do have right to raise being associated with this institution for more than a decade.

First,I’d make clear Im neither against anyone either new VC or Dr Uzma. But apart from all this, the more serious concern I’d raise as being one of the affectees of this reference culture ( I did my Mphil from LCWU in 2013 with an above average result and also I’ve done bachelors in 2011 alongwith a Roll of Honor from this very university and having studied A and O level previously), and yet havent landed myself a permanent job in any educational institution despite my passion and aim for a teahing career, my fluent English, my sound educational career and good moral conduct in every institution attended.

I served on honorary basis after 2013 in my own department of Mass communication LCWU- aiming to apply and getting hired. On the same lines I officially interned under DFDI for 3 months from Aug 2014 to Dec 2014 on 6000 monthly stipend. Since internship is not renewed ,I quit my services to the university in absolute peace and harmony with all my colleagues and seniors on 16th January 2015 after being flatly refused about renewal of internship contract by clerical staff. However, to my utter shock, when Lecturer and TA posts were announced , interviews were conducted on 3rd February 2015 for which I was not even called despite submitting all of my required documents in the given deadline and through proper channel. Since only those people were called in who were hired.

Later the same year I joined Govt. M.A.O College after being selected as CTI on walk in interview and merit calculation. After successfully completing my 13 month contract,I joined Govt. Post Graduate Islamia College for women Cooper road Lhr on the same designation (college teaching intern). Previous year in 2017, i have successfully completed my tenure from there as well.

I must make it very clear here again that Im not against struggle and Im even happy and proud to be raised by a very strict father who himself is a retired Govt official and who doesn’t ever allow any mention of reference,let alone finding one for the purpose of locating his only daughter a job. I’m also making it clear that I’m also not against anyone from any of the institutions I have served.

I’m against the system.

I was selected to those two prestigious institutions since they were walk in interviews and the merit was open. But why is there a policy of giving only a year to a person who learns, polishes their duties and skills and then they end up the same way after a year? Im currently pursuing my PhD which I already aimed for , since I wanted to increase and update my knowledge as per the standard. Due to studies I’m currently not working. But I know one thing, my future my career is uncertain. I know the fact that even our lives are uncertain but this is no excuse of permitting the reference culture.

So my open letter to Mr Chief Justice of Pakistan ends with one important question. And by no means I aim to point it in a disrespectful or contemptuous manner- Respected sir, dismissing a VC created a lot of hue-and-cry-and-ripples,why dont you dismiss other unfairly hired people too? People like me watch and suffer in silence and im not just putting all of it for my own self but rather im being the voice of so many people whom I dont even know.

I hope to see a Pakistan where reference is 100% discouraged,not just for executive level hirings.

An (Unemployed) Passionate Teacher.


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