All the skeletons buried inside the closets

stirred back to life

Every demon she thought had died

came back unleashed, reckless

Each ghost of the gone days

came right back,

stared ,unmasked and stronger than ever before

She stood there, demented, apprehending


And just when she had presumed

they’d all consume her

She decided to look at them in the eye

Unarmed , tired and exhausted

yet undefeated, just stubbornly  unabated

She chose to stare at them back

And then to her own amazement

she stepped ahead

and embraced them all, in unison

She was not afraid anymore


The enormity of the truth came

A surprise to even herself

It was then , realization came to her

For a spirit, lost ages ago

Just sprang back into her,

the lost years, the lost life

all the sand of time which had crawled by

the Spirit floated across all the lost years, back to where it belonged

That sure was the reason

she stood unmoved, not intimidated


And she looked around,

Those same pathways, every darkened corridor

each contained all the chronicles

of each faded memory lived ,

all the missing pieces of the jigsaw puzzle ,

Her jigsaw puzzle

Fell back into place!

she embraced them all, rejoicing


she was reminded of how the same golden streams

streamed across those oaks and pines and those windows

She could hear all the echoing sobs and laughter too

All those thorns planted across her ways,

Every obstacle, every war she fought with her demons

made her the Phoenix she now was!


It was not the battlefield anymore

She embraced them all, grateful

She was Home.

She came Home after ages.

(22-04-92 – Forever)


(scribbled -30th July 2017)



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