“Many Light years Ago..”

How many crumpled pages away
How many faded scriptures ago
Did you look at the sun differently
When you used to raise your hands to pray
Encircling those fogged faces
In the embrace of your prayers

Many Light years Ago,
When you let the sand trickle away
When you decided to stop making the paths
And let the winds lead their way

Many Light years Ago
When it dawned upon you
The abode you named yours
Was a mere mirage
You walked away from

Many Light years Ago
When you let the stars guide you
When your soul was oblivious, wild, carefree
When it floated gleefully
across every horizon you glimpsed

‘Many Light years Ago

That was Many Light years Ago, my friend!
When I ran each mile destined for my feet,
When I wouldn’t get tired
Where I wouldn’t remember, a care in the world

Take me back where I can let it all happen

That was too Many Light years Ago-‘

Crazy Scribbler (c)
June 6th, 2017
3:52 a.m.


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