The ink bleeds..

The ink bleeds..
So many words,
Words I had in me
The eyes hurt of too much
Too many tears unshed
Too many sorrows shed
Heart skips a beat
Of joys unattained
Of the smiles shared
The apologetic stare of life
That one lasting moment,
The sun shone and then down..
The soul humming too many songs,
My songs,
Our songs
The echo of the unsung melodies..!
Hands empty off of the sand
The flickering ticking sand
The murmur of days gone by
The times fading a golden yellow
Like a late winter evening
And dreams ..
Should I tell you
Of what became
Of the dreams..
Those flowers
Some blossomed
Some withered
And some dying
Dying in there
Saplings, seedlings
Never surfaced to life..!
Feet blistered from the miles
Miles written away
Away from the Home..
The ink bleeds.. !!

The ink bleeds
Of so much
Said and unsaid
Shared and unshared..

The ink bleeds..

Last page of my diary for the season…
Goodbye winter 14-15
You are so damn unforgettable..


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