Remembering my lost friend on her birthday

I always have been “cursed” (hah. exaggeration.) but yeah as a matter of fact I always have been center of attention for this one weird reason- i don’t forget birthdays- usually. The ones I mark in my mind, sometimes they are of people important to me and at other times, they just get etched in my brain.

So today is one birthday belonging probably to the first category.

she was my classmate in our graduation school. yup we call it university here

we never were in the same group nor did we ever work together in any project or assignment or stuff. but there was this one thing strangely common between the two of us- we both were insane in our own ways and both of us recognized each other the very first day of our session. when we were asked to introduce ourselves and “audition” for being class representatives. literally , I repeat Literally no one liked me for speaking or rather blabbering too quickly and loudly in English which, then, most of them didn’t understand or even those who did, thought i was trying to outsmart all of them 😦 ( what’s my fault if I even used to “Think” in English back then?) so no one raised hand to vote for me. Except for that one girl. when she introduced herself, she did get two other votes besides me though 😛 (oh we both lost so badly) 😀

those four years spent with her, there were a lot of times with ups and downs where she would be by my side, understanding my crazy stubborn mind. there were times when people wouldn’t understand her and whenever one faced a problem, the other remained there like a firm support.

I miss her.

she had so many stubborn things about her. things which generally annoy a person. but those were the attributes of hers which made her so unique.

I can never forget the day when it was during the second year of our grad school, she didn’t come to the class for a lot many days and finally the news came that her father had passed away. Much of a shock that it was, I waited for her to come back so I could console. what I didn’t know was which day she’d be exactly coming back.. and guess what.. that day turned out to be my birthday.. I had no idea she’s be coming back that day because I had planned to celebrate the day by cutting a cake with my whole class.. when I entered and I saw her, I felt way too guilty for planning my day. I hurried towards her to console her. we both embraced and the next thing I remember was that I was trying to pay my condolences about her father and what I heard from her was a heartfelt birthday wish and too many prayers. I can’t forget that moment. My throat was choked with tears and she won’t let me complete- she just kept happily wishing me.

those four years ended and she just disappeared. yes this is the word. she disappeared because things and people and all the circumstances had been too mean to her. i don’t blame her for disappearing. or even bailing out on me like this. because she had had enough.

she does meet me at times, off and on she appears on her facebook and deactivates it. she changes her number and so on.. basically she doesn’t like to be ‘chased’ by all of us anymore who belong to that chapter of her life. but whenever she meets me, I feel good when I see her progressing in practical life.

I hope she still uses the number she gave me last time so i can drop her a wish today.

one thing she taught me is so phenomenal so meaningful and so important. she shared it with me on one such “dont-worry-im-here-with-you-in-this-bullshit” times.. she learned it from her late father.. she said it is understandable to dislike somehting and realising it is not fair. but what should not be done is to just keep fidgeting about it. just wait and work hard- one day you will be at the top- you will have the authority and the power to change it. Do it then and there. Bingo!

Miss u buddy.

Happy birthday 🙂


One thought on “Remembering my lost friend on her birthday

  1. This is deep.. I don’t know why it saddened me. You will probably remember her for the rest of your life. Maybe get in touch before she changes her digits again. I don’t know why memories fade away but I do know people don’t forget how they felt around someone.


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