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my buddy’s first blog entry 😀

Kiran Karamat

today i have been too tired after visiting the office of higher education commission. and meanwhile i was on my way back, my friend Hira called me , angrily yelling her lungs out at me since she was done with her own office work and wanted to come to me so that the two of us could carry on some work of our own. i told her to wait for me while i was on my way back.
guess what
when i came back, her highness had not even reached yet! why waste your precious energy yelling then darling 😛
she came all tired after 20 minutes and said she stayed at her own campus since she found some student to give her company and plus she didnt want my roommate’s company 😛 (the actual reason)
finally i asked her to keep her lazy bum off my quilt and get…

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